We will protect our Jacob-by any means necessary

‘By any means necessary’. Those who are not victims of ignorance and are insatiable, astute students of history will be familiar with the aforementioned phrase. It was made famous by the electrifying great American El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Malcolm X. These words were part of a greater promise that Red-as Malcolm X was known during his youth days due to the shade of his hair-had made to free African Americans from the bondage of white America. Unfortunately in the eyes of white America his ‘power was too much for one man’ and like a cancerous mole he had to be permanently removed from society as his ‘controversial’ ideas and teachings were beginning to mess with the heads of good, servile, God loving, Christian niggers.

Today America and the rest of the white world are toiling hard to erase from our memories the warrior that was Malcolm X, with many using the very black folks that Red fought so hard to liberate to write article after article, book after book to discredit him and his legacy. Fortunately he was always aware of these ‘African tools’ and had names for them: house niggers and Uncle Toms. Even in this modern day house niggers and Uncle Toms refuse to go away. I would imagine that being used by racists to divide your people generates huge adrenaline rush.

All around the world the gallant figure that was Malcolm X lives on and those brave enough to unashamedly call themselves students and soldiers of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz continue to stand tall, unfazed by the poisonous winds of disunity chanting those famous words, ‘By any means necessary.’

It appears those famous words have also reached Luthuli House-the headquarters of our beloved movement the African National Congress (ANC) where the hopes of our people are supposed to be turned into reality-albeit under dangerous conditions. And as we are aware that lady luck has a rather wicked sense of humuor, the phrase has been interpreted or rather misinterpreted to mean protecting dodgy characters.  The copious amount of drama that we witness on a daily basis is undoubtedly capable of making even the eminent English playwright William Shakespeare-hailed as the greatest dramatist since the birth of man-green with envy and jealousy.

The dodgy character in question here is South Africa’s First Citizen, arguably Africa’s most powerful statesman President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. For almost a decade now His Excellency President Zuma has been hopping from one scandal to another with the gusto of a teenage boy who has recently become aware of his manhood. Allow me to impose on your mind the heavy burden of memories of the past when the then South Africa’s second-in-command was accused of rape in 2005; and if I am not mistaken he was also under investigation for corruption. When asked to state his case on what had transpired that fateful night, the then deputy president of South Africa served a tale that had the nation gasping with surprise if not shock. I imagine many a people had to pick their jaws on the floor after hearing such a saucy, raunchy story. It does not get better than that South Africa. Known for his strict manner, his then boss Thabo Mbeki must have not been amused. He probably snapped and shouted in his Sussex University dialect: ‘That imbecile.’

One memorable part that I will never forget from that unbelievable tale so long as I exist is when he came to a close of his side of the story, sharing with the court and in extension the nation on what transpired leading to the ‘deed’. He remarked thus: ‘I held her and she responded like any other woman. She opened her thighs. I kissed her a bit and she kissed me. We then started having intercourse. I said ‘You are delicious. You are a real woman’, and she laughed.’ South Africa, now that is the stuff that my mind is incapable of fabricating. It can only come from the nation’s capital Nkandla. I assume that he must have accidentally omitted that he giggled before telling the lady how delicious she is because in my head that line would not go down well without the president’s signature charming chortle.


South Africa forgive me, I am getting carried away. The salacious details of a high ranking leader of President Jacob Zuma’s caliber denying wrong doing in a country notorious for an alarmingly high rate of rape and HIV/AIDS can do that to one. Recently the president has been trying every trick in the book to evade answering questions on the building of his African-styled-hotel in rural Nkandla. Since the release of the Public Protector’s report aptly titled ‘Secure In Comfort’ the old timer has barely slept and exhaustion seems to have taken a toll on the president. These days he looks like a few decades have been heaped on top of his real age. Juxtaposed with that revolutionary African across the Limpopo River President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe uBaba Gedleyihlekisa looks like he could demand of the ZANU-PF leader to address him as ‘buti’ despite the 90-year-old Gabriel being a good eighteen years his senior.

Now dear reader, if the battle of memory against forgetting has not been lost you would recall that on 21 August 2014 the president had come to Parliament supposedly to account for his indiscretions and again his Big Man ego-appropriately termed by pundits as the ‘arrogance of incumbency’-got the better of him as I imagined he would have intended and he continued to disrespect the institute of Parliament and insult the intelligence of the people of the Republic of South Africa with elementary school answers. When the Parliamentary leader of the black obsessed Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane asked him when he intended to reimburse the public the money he used to construct his gargantuan palace of mud huts, he simply laughed him off, as if to give him the proverbial middle finger. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about South Africa’s head of state President Jacob Zuma laughing off a serious question posed by an honourable Member of Parliament. By now dear reader you would remember that the EFF were not as meek as the black obsessed DA and they took the president to task, resulting in Parliament resembling Broadway.

But perhaps what the rest of South Africa has not been paying serious attention to is the metaphoric tune that is being sung at the headquarters Luthuli House. ‘We shall protect our Jacob-by any means necessary’. Just a few weeks ago former Premier of Gauteng Nomvula Mokonyane in her capacity as Minister of Water and Sanitation used an idiom- to its detriment was taken as it is by these ignorant fools who refuse to learn African languages-meaning that they will protect His Excellency to the bitter end. Again there is that phrase: by any means necessary. But the honourable minister is not alone. Last year before the release of the Public Protector’s report the current Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry the elderly uncle Mzwandile Masina speaking as the leader of the paralysed ANC Youth League attacked the nation’s Vho-Makhadzi Thuli Madonsela, calling her all sorts of childish names. Believe me when I say this; it is quite ironic when a senior citizen regurgitates such infantile rubbish. Besides ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa and advisor to Minister Lindiwe Sisulu Thami ka Plaatjie who are not hiding the fact that they are singing for their supper, the Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Kenny Maphatsoe takes cake. Maphatsoe accused the Public Protector of being a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spy and almost caused an international incident. He would later retract his stupid utterances and offered a lousy, lukewarm apology to the Public Protector. There are many like the few I have mentioned above within this historic movement of the people that swear on their mothers’ souls that the current ANC and South Africa’s president is as pure as a virgin; and they have vowed to protect him by any means necessary. Remember the words of Julius Malema during their honeymoon with President Jacob Zuma, before it became ‘too cold outside the ANC’ when he said he would kill for Zuma. That attitude has gone viral within the corridors of Luthuli House.

In his short-lived existence Malcolm X fought segregation, racism and inequality-by any means necessary. Surely South Africa, or dear reader when foolish, shady men and women vow to protect one man whose character is as sullied as a pig in a mud to the bitter end, then you have to stand up for this beautiful country, pregnant with potential and also fight to the bitter end, chanting: ‘We will protect South Africa-by any means necessary.’ Kgotsong!




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